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Customer Service is Sheltered

Updated: Mar 31

They eventually offered a coupon worth 50% of the value
Took me about 15-20 emails too be able to get things sent back

These are 2 really alarming quotes, from feedback we received regarding Customer Service Shelter Market prides itself on being "Premium cannabis from people who care."

What really confuses me about that, is that those customer quotes really aren't aligned with the company's own motto does it? I personally had my own issues with Shelter Market that went unresolved until I pressured CEO Mark Hauk on Twitter (@MarkHauk)

I was given the same dismissive responses from customer service over a period of 2 months and tagging Mark was honestly my attempt to give a smaller LP a final chance to make it right.

To Marks credit here, he was very courteous and candid about the process which was refreshing to see in the Cannabis space. He advised that they previously had a policy of replacing all products, no questions asked in the medical or recreational space and had to pivot away from this policy on the rec side but patients should be given a full replacement of product.

Not just a discount or credit off the next order as was originally offered to me after I went back and forth with Customer Service. I took Mark at his word here, he seemed genuine in his interactions.

I did receive my replacement product, but again with great pressure at the top not willingly.

I decided to not pull my script with them based on this interaction, but with what has come to light over the last few days, seeing reactionary credits of 50% for their next order, the arrogance here assuming patients will stay with them regardless of how they've been treated.

It does nothing when the customer is required to place another order, and puts more cash in your hand just so they can FEEL like they didn't get completely taken advantage of. The one consistency that I'm seeing is that your customer service isn't empowered to do their job to help patients. In our conversation Mark, you kind of put the blame on crossed wires with customer service but now it's consistent that they are not in the habit of replacing products for medical users.

I'm not going to blame customer service here, it's not their fault - they do what they are told You manage your own customer service staff, so these poorly scripted responses and inability to help come from the top.

I asked Kyp if he could provide a detailed breakdown of the product procurement process Who exactly looks at it, is each bath reviewed first or do you just build trust with a producer? What kind of testing is completed before the product is reaching patients? I've yet to see any response to that, and I'd hope you can get this updated to your website for patient transparency and safety.

Mark, as the tip top of Shelter you need to make a statement here on what is happening with the company, not just a DM or a twitter post. You need to do this on a Shelter Letterhead, as a release.

Your company is failing patients while you take their money to fund your dreams of being in the cannabis space. LPReview will continue to monitor Shelter Market for improved behaviors For now, they will continue to be on the LPR Watchlist. Below is my personal conversation with Mark from February.

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