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The Details are also Sheltered

Following up on our previous, and inaugural watchlist entrant Shelter Market.

I proposed some simple questions to the head of product procurement for Shelter Thus far, I have received no response from Kyp Rowe (@KypRowe) on twitter.

The questions I had proposed are the following:

  1. Would you care to elaborate further on exactly what your measures are for procuring a product?

  2. Is each batch reviewed individually, or is it good faith after multiple purchases?

  3. Is the product test (Combustion, Vape etc) before being sold through to customers

I don't think it's a big ask for patients to know the process and journey their medicine takes from producer and every step of the way to the patient when LP's have proven they aren't to be trusted to just do this on their own.

Kyp talks about this not being a Hockey Bag Economy anymore, but I'm really getting the feeling the business dealings are very much stuck here.

I've already pulled my script from Shelter, and will not be looking back.

This is all very easy info to have available for patients, especially when something of this magnitude transpires with a product.

It wasn't one bad report from one random person either...

This was multiple public reports from multiple people that rep your brand constantly. I'm not a business major, nor have I ran my own business but for "cash strapped operation" your reputation is all you have, and you are squandering it.

Are you doing it for the money, or for the love of the plant and to help people? Answer that question, and I think you'll shed some of your identity crisis you seem to be having.

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